Are You Looking for a Snapchat hack?

Well, just hit google with a simple keyword of snapchat hack and you will find hundreds of results claiming they have a 100% working and trusted hack to help you get additional features in snapchat. However, you really do not need a real hack to get additional features! All you need to do is make advantage of the things that snapchat cannot control. It is a fact that snapchat does not promote the method of taking a screenshot and to stop that, they have a feature which notifies the screenshotted person that their snap has been screenshotted by someone!

People go on and find hacks or modded snapchat applications to not get notified if they take a screenshot. Instead of installing a modded application which actually exposes you to threats such as putting your privacy at stake and possibly your information too; use a clean snapchat hack or actually a trick through which you can manipulate the snapchat servers into not sending the notification to the other person that you took a screenshot.

To make use of this little snapchat hack, you need to first load the snap or story and once it is loaded, all you need to do is to switch on the airplane mode so that you are not at all connected to any service which could transfer information to the snapchat servers. Now head back to snapchat and view the story or snap and take a screenshot or as many as you want. Once completely done, close snapchat and also clear it from your recent apps section to make sure that snapchat is completely closed and cannot immediately detect that you have viewed the story and took a screenshot. Now, finally you can turn off the airplane mode and get yourself connected again!

Note: for this snapchat hack, instead of turning on airplane mode you can choose to switch off WIFI and/or mobile data.