A Few Tips On How To Install A Bathtub

In this article, we will discuss a few tips on how to install a bathtub on your own. Whether it’s a new install or a replacement the procedure is very similar. First, you must ensure that the water supply is shut off. Then comes the task of plumbing. You want to be sure that all connections are the right size and leak-free. Once the plumbing is satisfactory for the install the next thing you should do is measure the space that you plan on putting the tub in. Once this is done and you know it will fit properly you can start to install ledger boards and other support beams. Once this framing is in place you can then install the tub in the designated place. Once this is completed you will want to make sure that the boards are connected well to hold the bathtub.

The next step is to check the drain and water supplies to be sure they function well before permanently installing the bathtub. After the drain assembly is in good shape and is draining without a leak, you can put putty around the connections to ensure that they are airtight. It is also a good idea to place rubber washers over all screws to ensure they hold water. After you have completed these steps it’s time to mix up some mortar and finish installing your new bathtub. This is the final step in drying your tub and it is permanent so you want to be sure that it is ready.

In conclusion, most individuals hire a professional who knows how to install a bathtub already. If you do your research you can install one on your own and still have it turn out great. Good luck with your bathtub installation.